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Fraxel®, D.O.T. CO2 and SkinPen® Skin Resurfacing

Fraxel® Repair

After having the DOT procedure, my skin is as smooth and naturally clear as when I was 25, really better! What a confidence boost!!
~ Janna
The results are amazing. I feel 10 years younger; very refreshed! Everyone keeps asking me, "what did you do? What did you do??"
~ Kim
Easy process, explained very thoroughly. The staff's professionalism removes any doubts I had before undergoing the procedure. Results made me feel 10-15 years younger.
~ Michael
I had minimal down time and was able to return to work quickly. I am very pleased with my results and have recommended the procedures to many of my friends!
~ LL
I had a great experience with Dr. Roberts and his staff. No problems and a good result with my procedure. This is a well-run office with a caring and professional staff.
~ SB
I had a DOT facial resurfacing procedure with Dr Roberts. I am already getting a lot of comments about how good my skin looks and it has only been a couple weeks.
~ Janet

What does your skin say about you? For most individuals, it says more than we would like.  Fortunately, a lot of it is incorrect.  Lines and wrinkles may make you look worried, sad or angry…when you are not.  Rough, weathered or discolored skin may make you look aged, unhealthy, or more rough around the edges than the true you. The good news is due to recent medical advancements you now have highly effective options to help you restore your natural beauty with less downtime. These options inculde Fraxel®, D.O.T. Fractional CO2. and Skin Pen Microneedling. 

When Fraxel® was introduced in 2004, it was a major improvement over alternative skin treatments because it effectively treated skin discoloration, fine lines and texture problems with little down time and only 3 - 4 treatments. Actual Roberts D.O.T. tone texture & brown spots patient   Prior to Fraxel® choices were either mostly ineffective or required several weeks of downtime.  Fraxel® Re:pair was introduced in 2007 as a 2nd generation CO2 laser which provides better results, but more downtime.      

Dermal Optical Thermolysis (D.O.T.)

After Fraxel® Repair, a newer CO2 system was introduced from Forenze, Italy called Dermal Optical Thermolysis (D.O.T.).  D.O.T. is a significant improvement over the original Fraxel® because patients typically require only a single treatment.   D.O.T. can be a safe alternative and also typically results in significantly less downtime than traditional CO2 and less than Fraxel® Repair.  
Actual Roberts D.O.T. patients

D.O.T. is an FDA approved technology that has largely replaced other systems that either did too little, or required lengthy down time and risk of scarring.  D.O.T. creates thousands of tiny microscopic treatment zones in the skin, which stimulate new collagen growth.  Actual Roberts D.O.T. face fine lines, tone texture patient

D.O.T. is designed to target damaged, weathered or aging skin well beneath the skin's outermost layer. In this way, D.O.T. triggers the body's own natural production of new collagen and elastin, yet healing occurs so quickly that there is very little downtime for patients. Most patients can be back to most normal activities in 2 or 3 days (social downtime typically lasts 5 - 7 days). 

DOT skin resurfacing is a great choice for photo-aging, melasma and other types of pigmentation problems, as well as fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores. The end result is smoother, clearer, firmer rejuvenated skin. Pores shrink. Fine lines are diminished. Age spots and brown spots diminish or disappear. Actual Roberts D.O.T. face brown spots discoloration patient

Results are nearly immediate and progressive. Optimal improvement is usually visible in a few weeks, while the skin continues to regenerate new collagen.  Results can last for years. D.O.T. is an excellent option for improving the overall appearance of your skin and giving you a renewed sense of confidence.

SkinPen® Microneedling

The latest option for improved skin tone and texture is microneedling with options such as Dermapen® and Precision SkinPen®. Both the Derma Pen® and Skin Pen® microneedling systems treat the skin similar to laser fractional resurfacing with less downtime. Additionally, the SkinPen® system incorporates proprietary skincare treatment regimen with Skinfuse Plus and Surge Collagen Boost.
Dermis Diagram Roberts Cosmetic Surgery

Skinfuse Plus provides a multi-discipline treatment regimen to optimize the microneedling results. Formulated specifically for microneedling, Skinfuse provides the skin cells the essential building blocks necessary to optimize the results of microneedling. Just as the fibroblast in the lower layer of our skin slows down collagen production over time, important skin cells in the top layer of our skin, the epidermis, also slow down and stop communicating over time, compromising the skin texture and tone. While microneedling alone triggers the growth factors and signaling molecules proven to increase cell to cell communication, Skinfuse provides the essential skin cell nutritional requirements to optimize this process of restoring healthy cell function, while omitting ingredients proven to hinder this process. Skinfuse is used for 30 days post procedure to optimize skin rejuvenation with microneedling.

In addition to Skinfuse, Surge Collagen Boost is used in conjunction with a SkinPen Precision resurfacing procedure to help replenish new skin cells with a proprietary formula. Surge maintains the cellular stimulation triggered by microneedling, while minimizing the risk of chronic inflammation, a condition proven to hinder the rejuvenation process. This revolutionary once-weekly treatment targets the fibroblast cell in the dermal layer to aid in the production of new, healthy collagen, while addressing skin firmness and elasticity in the epidermal layer.

Like D.O.T. skin resurfacing, SkinPen microneedling penetrates the skin with micro-treatment zones that remodel collagen for to restore healthy skin tone and texture. Unlike Fraxel and D.O.T., Skin Pen microneedling can be used on all skin colors and types. Downtime with SkinPen is typically measured in hours, not days.

SkinPen in many cases can help significantly improve appearance of stretch marks. It can help diminish acne scarring and other types of scarring, and for some individuals can help those individuals who suffer with chronic acne.

See what individuals have to say about SkinPen® skin resurfacing and scar treatment.

Optimal results for SkinPen resurfacing are typically achieved after three treatments, in conjunction with Skinfuse and Surge post treatment skincare regimen. Stretch marks and scarring often require six treatments.

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Gregory D. Roberts, M.D. was among the first U.S. physicians to offer Fraxel® Repair to patients and now offers advanced D.O.T. skin and SkinPen resurfacing treatments at a price you can afford.  All D.O.T. and SkinPen procedures are performed by our Senior Licensed Aesthetician who has performed hundreds of skin resurfacing procedures.

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