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Chin Augmentation

Before & After photos Chin Augmentation Surgery A chin augmentation (mentoplasty) procedure is the fastest growing procedure in the United States.1 A chin augmentation helps the chin fit in harmony with the rest of the face. Men often want a chin that is more prominent or rugged. Women often seek chin augmentation to achieve more naturally proportioned facial features. A properly proportioned chin often helps a neck line look more alluring. It can also ameliorate the appearance of a nose that is not in natural harmony with the face.

Depending upon your desires and goals, a chin augmentation procedure can either produce subtle or dramatic results. Either way the results can make a striking change in one’s confidence and appearance. Patients frequently tell Dr. Roberts that their chin augmentation has enhanced their lives, socially or professionally.

"Scarless" Appearance

Before & After photos Chin Implant Surgery Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon, Gregory D. Roberts. M.D. performs a chin augmentation procedure that results in hidden or virtually imperceptible scarring. He hides a tiny incision under the chin to insert the supple implant. Then he meticulously closes the incision so that after healing the scar can be virtually invisible.

On occasion, Dr. Roberts has also performed the procedure via the mouth. While intra-oral insertion can also hide an incision, it is Dr. Roberts’ experience that patient healing time can be far longer and painful. For instance, it can be difficult to chew food for a period of time. With his meticulous closing techniques - the sub-mental (beneath the chin) incision can be nearly imperceptible with almost no downtime and minimal discomfort.

Minimally Invasive Chin Augmentation

Before & After photos Mentoplasty Chin Implant Surgery

While it is still not uncommon for surgeons to put a patient to sleep with general anesthesia or conscious sedation during a chin augmentation procedure, a growing number of cosmetic surgeons perform a chin augmentation procedure utilizing only local anesthesia. The procedure itself can be relatively quick (less than an hour), and you can benefit from the savings that are often passed on to the patient. Dr. Roberts typically performs the procedure with local anesthesia.

Minimal Downtime

A hasty procedure can result in an implant that is unstable or does not conform to the patients’ natural, unique contours. In Dr. Roberts’ opinion, one size or shape does not fit all. And like his other procedures, he is known for taking extra time and care, which he feels can lead to far less downtime, optimal results and a virtually imperceptible incision line.

Dr. Roberts’ patients almost never have any bruising and minimal to moderate swelling. Any soreness almost always goes away within days. Patients are typically back to work in a couple days.

Attention to Detail

Before & After photos Mentoplasty Chin Augmentation Surgery

Prior to the procedure, Dr. Roberts’ typically utilizes visual imaging to help determine optimal sizing and placement of the implant for the most appealing, natural results. Dr. Roberts’ takes extra time and handles the face gently during the procedure to help optimize results. He also takes time to help ensure the implant will be stable.

For instance, Dr. Roberts will create a very precise pocket for the implant and then designs special elevators so that there is almost no chance the implant will shift. His goal is the most natural and appealing result with the least downtime…regardless of how long it takes to perform the procedure.

A Natural Look & Feel

The facelift and chin implant were just what wanted! My children say I look Goood. Most of all I like the way I look. The people who were teasing me about being old have all stopped. I could not have asked for better care.
~ C.S.
The facelift and chin implant were just what wanted! My children say I look Goood. Most of all I like the way I look. The people who were teasing me about being old have all stopped. I could not have asked for better care.
~ C.S.

Dr. Roberts utilizes imaging, advanced materials and placement techniques so that the implant looks and feels natural to others. He is also very keen on making sure it feels just like your own chin to you - natural and unnoticeable.

Is it Permanent?

The great thing about a chin implant is it is removable with a simple short procedure. Also the way Dr. Robert’s performs the implant procedure, if you decide to remove the implant, you will look just like you did before with typically almost no signs you ever had an implant.

Why Dr. Roberts?

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, one of Dr. Roberts’ two certifications is in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. The extra two years of residency required by this certification helps Dr. Roberts understand the intricacies of facial anatomy in greater detail. This benefits his patients in terms of safety, downtime and results. Dr. Roberts has an eye for symmetry and strives to fine tune each procedure to fit your unique look.

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1Source: U.S. News & World Report